Monoprice Dark Matter 27 Review: Exceptional Contrast and Color

The monitor delivers a 165 Hz refresh rate and solid performance for the money.

Monoprice Dark Matter 27 42771
(Image: © Monoprice)

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If you’re shopping for a speedy monitor, FHD panels are the fastest available. The 165 Hz Dark Matter 27 42771 is at the lower end of the speed scale, but is also one of the least expensive 27-inch gaming monitors you can buy. To compare, we’ve included MSI’s NXG253R, Pixio’s PX259 Prime, Monoprice’s 40778, BenQ’s EX2510S and HP’s Omen 25i.

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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We’ve established in past reviews that 165 Hz monitors typically draw the screen in 6 ms. The 42771 does as well. Coupled with a well-engineered overdrive, it delivers minimal blur and no ghosting during the fastest gaming action. Input lag is a tad slower than the other 165 Hz screens but only by 3 ms. 31 ms might be an issue for the most skilled players but we had no problems racking up the frag count in our favorite shooters. Remember that with only 2.07 mega-pixels to move around, frame rates are always going to be high.

Viewing Angles

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The 42771 offers typical IPS viewing angles. To the sides, we can see a 30% reduction in output with a slight blue/green tint. Detail remains visible at all brightness steps. From the top, the tint is green with a 50% light falloff and detail that’s less defined.

Screen Uniformity

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(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Our Dark Matter 27 42771 sample showed excellent screen uniformity with no visible issues at all. Bleed and glow are becoming less common in the latest IPS panels and this one is a great example. Other brightness steps were equally smooth from edge to edge with no brightness or color aberrations.

Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

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