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Monoprice Zero-G 35-Inch Gaming Monitor Review: A Curved Ultra-Wide Bargain

At this price, 21:9 gaming doesn't get much better.

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Viewing Angles

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The Zero-G 35 has only fair off-axis image quality. Though the color shift isn’t significant, there is a 50% reduction in light output. Detail remains well-rendered, but if you set the backlight at a medium to low level, the image will be hard to see at 45 degrees to the sides. The top-down view is similar with a reduction in detail but not much change in color.

Screen Uniformity

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While this test is sample-specific, there aren’t many monitors that have screen uniformity this good. Anything under 10% is an acceptable result, but few make it to the 5% level. Our observation of black field patterns in a completely dark room revealed nothing but even tones. There were no hotspots, glowing areas or backlight bleed. All our visual tests revealed good quality control by Monoprice.

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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The Zero-G 35 stays in lock-step with its 100Hz competition, showing that its low price doesn’t mean a reduction in performance. An 11ms screen draw time keeps blur to a minimum, and the overdrive helps with that. A 37ms total lag score won’t appeal to the most competitive gamers with super-human reflexes, but everyone else can expect satisfying gameplay. In our experience, motion was smooth and stutter-free with no perceptible lag in control inputs. Mouse movements looked quick and sure, regardless of how fast-paced the action was.

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