Take The Train: Lian Li PC-CK101, Built, Tested, And...Driven?

Power Supply And Wiring

Lian Li bundles a 300 W power supply manufactured by FSP, which arrives already mounted in the front section of the locomotive. FSP sells decent power supplies, but this unit's output rating is well in excess of what you'd need for a platform without room for an add-in graphics card. Why didn't Lian Li just use a PicoPSU and an external power adapter? If only to make a point about power use, one of my configurations employed a Core i7-3770K on a Z77-based motherboard. Such a setup would have stretched the capabilities of a PicoPSU, but we don't think it's particularly realistic to put such high-end hardware into a whimsical little case like this anyway.

So long as you use the right motherboard, FSP's power supply complies with ErP/EuP requirements. Stand-by power was measured at a mere 0.5 W, which is exemplary. The PSU passed several short circuit and overload experiments, and its sound level is also admirably low, even under full load. The power supply fan is temperature-controlled, which we think deserves recognition.

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Input Spec100-240 V (Full Range)4.5-2.5 A50-60 Hz
Output Spec3.3 V + 5 V = max. 125 W12 V1 + 12 V2 = max. 264 W (22 A)Total power draw on all rails, maximum 300 W
Connections24-pin Mainboard Connector4-pin CPU Connector 12 V1 x PATA (Four Molex Connectors, 1 x Floppy Connector)2 x SATA (Two SATA Connectors)

Although the cables aren't sleeved, I consider that to be in advantage in a cramped chassis like Lian Li's locomotive. Rigid leads would be more difficult to route. Thus, there's really no reason to replace the factory-installed power supply. Its output power proved sufficient, and all of our testing with it was successful.

  • Trueno07
    I am so jealous right now, this looked like it was a blast to put together!
  • slomo4sho
    I am surprised you didn't use the model with the moving train!
  • bit_user
    Not the first time I've seen it, but I still think this case is just an exercise in sheer ridiculousness.

    But since the PC era is coming to an end, who can blame Lian Li for having a little fun while they still can?
  • edogawa
    This thing is so awesome...if it wasn't for the noise I would get one...I love trains...
  • ASHISH65
    awesome! i want to drive that train
    The Little Engine That Could...
  • g-unit1111
    *Ozzy Osbourne Voice* ALL ABOARD!!! HA HA HA HA....
  • bambiboom
    Just brilliant. Finally, a computer case with a bit of style suitable for grownups.

    Taking the mobile computing theme further, and addressing the limitations on computing power, if you had a Dell Precision M6600 or 6700 laptop with a broken screen, how about mounting the components, motherboard , PSU, batteries, drives, Wifi and all? Then, there could be an i7 CPU and a Quadro 4000M, all very quiet and still getting more air than it's used to. And, appropriately, no power cord!

    The idea of a serious, self- propelled workstation steam train model seems the best use possible of this fantastic enclosure idea. That the computer is itself the game is on the borderline of being art.

    And congratulations to Igor Wallossek for an excellent description of something so wonderfully out of the ordinary.
  • shikamaru31789
    I remember when I first saw this on Newegg. I thought I'd lost my mind for a moment. It's definitely a unique case.
  • ojas
    Tom's Hardware's German team has a lot of fun, i can see :D

    Really enjoyable read, Igor! Also got to know about that Gigabyte wireless streamer, should prove useful!

    Nice house btw :)