Portable CD Tattoos with Yamaha's CRW-F1UX USB 2.0 Burner

Write Performance, Part II: Packet Writing On CD-RW

We carry out several tests to check the performance in packet-writing mode. First of all, we time the complete formatting of the medium. Then we copy a 447 MByte folder by means of "drag and drop" from the hard disk to the medium and back again. Both times are recorded with a stopwatch.

The size of the files in the folder varies from one kiloByte up to several megaBytes. This reflects normal practice. Then, all the data are quickly deleted from the medium, using Clone CD. Then, exactly the same folder is written in TAO mode with Nero. Finally, we completely flush the medium with Clone CD.

Every test is repeated at least twice to gain information on reproducibility and performance figures. The results are summarized in the following table.

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HS-CD-RWFormat 650 MB w InCDCopy 447 MB w InCDRead 447 MB w InCDFast Erase w Clone CDBurn 447 MB w NeroComplete Erase w CloneCD
24x10x40xLiteon LXR24101A15:106:163:570:266:028:36
40x12x40xWaitec Frisby II11:165:132:130:245:017:12
44x24x44xYamaha CRW-F1UX7:182:412:320:222:553:34

The CRW-F1UX offers one special feature for writing in packet-writing mode in the choice of CAV or CLV mode. CAV mode should in theory be faster. Our measurements do not confirm this. The differences were in the magnitude of a few seconds.

Summary Of Write Performance, Part II

In packet-writing mode, the CRW-F1UX clearly has its nose out in front. Its 24x write mode does not just offer a distinct speed advantage when writing. Formatting and deleting the medium is also much faster than with the 10x/12x devices.

  • I am glad i found this article/review. I have a crw-f1ux minus the needed software. While I am not so interested in discT@2, I would like to use Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording, to create audio cds. Do you know where one can get said software? Yamaha does not have it, nor does Nero answer their phones during stated business hours. I currently use Easy CD creator, but I suspect I need the FULL version of Nero that came with this 2002 unit. While I wait for Nero's reply, would you happen to know? Thank you in advance.