Portable CD Tattoos with Yamaha's CRW-F1UX USB 2.0 Burner

Read Performance Data, Audio And Errors: Summary Of Results

All in all, the CRW-F1UX falls short of what we would expect of a 44x reader. The specified read rate was not achieved with a variety of 650 MB media. In our opinion, Yamaha would be better advised to extol the virtues of this device as a 42x reader. The drive does not cope particularly well with seriously scratched media. Its competitors do better in this respect.

Write Performance, Part I: Data CD, CD-DA, A.A.M.Q.R. And Disc-T@2

As already mentioned, the maximum write speed of the CRW F1UX is 44x on CDR media, and 24x on CD-RW media (Ultra-Speed CDRW media). Yamaha uses the full CAV procedure in order to achieve write speeds of this magnitude.

The medium turns at almost constant speed (yellow line). The write rate increases continuously towards the outside (green line).

The average write rate is just about 32.87x. As a nominal 40x writer, Waitec's Frisby II also manages to get up to 31.41x.

Data CD, Audio CD And Data RW

For the data CD test, we created a 702 MB (718384 kiloByte) image. This was burned at maximum speed in DAO mode onto a 700 MB blank.

As the screenshot shows, the process is successfully completed after 3 minutes 21 seconds.

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Speed MaxData-CDR
24x10x40xLiteon LXR24101A4:17
40x12x40xWaitec Frisby II3:13
44x24x44xYamaha CRW-F1UX3:21

Compared with a 40x burner, the 8-second speed advantage is marginal. Nor is the time difference of less than a minute over a 24x writer earth-shattering.

  • I am glad i found this article/review. I have a crw-f1ux minus the needed software. While I am not so interested in discT@2, I would like to use Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording, to create audio cds. Do you know where one can get said software? Yamaha does not have it, nor does Nero answer their phones during stated business hours. I currently use Easy CD creator, but I suspect I need the FULL version of Nero that came with this 2002 unit. While I wait for Nero's reply, would you happen to know? Thank you in advance.