Portable CD Tattoos with Yamaha's CRW-F1UX USB 2.0 Burner

Write Performance, Part III: Media Compatibility

In this part of the test, THG measured how quickly it was possible to write to CDR and CDRW media of various specifications. The result of the write process was checked for errors with the aid of the CD-Speed surface scan function. THG tested five different CD-R and CD-RW media. The size of the collection of data was 717758 kiloBytes (for 700 MB CDR), or 660152 kiloBytes (for 650 MB CDRW). We used DAO or TAO as the method of writing. Both "Burnproof" and "Optimum write speed" were selected for all the writing processes. We have summarized the results in the following tables.

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Tested MediaSizeCertified SpeedWrite SpeedStrat-egyManu.Good SectorsDamag-ed SectorsUnread-able SectorsWrite Time
Octron700 MB24X16XShortRitek Co.100%0%0%5:37
Verbatim700 MB24X16XLongMitsubishi Chemicals Corp.100%0%0%5:30
Tevion700 MB32X16XShortRicoh Company Ltd.100%0%0%5:35
TDK700 MB40X16XShortRitek Co.100%0%0%5:33
Traxdata700 MB48X16XLongDisc ID not allowed100%0%0%5:43
Traxdata700 MB40x16XShortRitek Co.100%0%0%5:36

At 16x speed, there were no obvious differences to be observed.

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Tested MediaCDRSizeCertified SpeedWrite SpeedStrat-egyManu.Good SectorsDamag-ed SectorsUnread-able SectorsWrite Time
Octron700 MB24X44XShortRitek Co.100,00%0,00%0,00%3:58
Verbatim700 MB24X44XLongMitsubishi Chemicals Corp.100,00%0,00%0,00%3:57
Tevion700 MB32X44XShortRicoh Company Ltd.0,00%0,00%100,00%Track Following Error
TDK700 MB40X44XShortRitek Co.Row 3 - Cell 6 Row 3 - Cell 7 Row 3 - Cell 8 3:20
Traxdata700 MB48X44XLongDisc ID not allowed95,93%4,07%0,00%5:43
Row 5 - Cell 0 Row 5 - Cell 1 48X44XLongDisc ID not allowed92,28%7,72%0,00%03:12 (OWC-Off)
Traxdata700 MB40x44xShortRitek Co.100,00%0,00%0,00%3:21

At 44x speed, the wheat gets separated from the chaff. The Tevion medium stands out because of its poor performance. In this case, every attempt to write produces a "Track following error" message after a few seconds, and the process is terminated. Even the new 48x medium from Traxdata fails to impress. With "Optimum Write Speed Control" selected, the burner reduces the write speed to 16x. So, we deactivated "OWSC." Now the burner does burn faster, but the results of the writing process are (logically) even worse. The burner does fine with the 40x medium from Traxdata. A good tip turns out to be the 24x medium from Octron, from the special offer display in the supermarket.

  • I am glad i found this article/review. I have a crw-f1ux minus the needed software. While I am not so interested in discT@2, I would like to use Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording, to create audio cds. Do you know where one can get said software? Yamaha does not have it, nor does Nero answer their phones during stated business hours. I currently use Easy CD creator, but I suspect I need the FULL version of Nero that came with this 2002 unit. While I wait for Nero's reply, would you happen to know? Thank you in advance.