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Portable CD Tattoos with Yamaha's CRW-F1UX USB 2.0 Burner

Write Performance, Part III: Media Compatibility, Continued

The following is a summary of the CD-RW results.

Tested MediaCDRWSizeCertified SpeedWrite SpeedStrategyManufacturerGood SectorsUnreadable SectorsWrite Time
Fuji650 MB10X12XPhase changeDisc ID not allowed99,89%0,11%6:56
LiteOn650 MB12X12xPhase changeNAN-YA Plastics Corp.---
Yamaha650 MB24X24xPhase changeMitsubishi Chemicals Corp.99,89%0,11%3:48

The LiteOn medium is indeed specified as 12x. But Nero won't permit any write speed over 10x for this medium. At first glance, the burner does not seem to be able to write to any medium without making errors. However, comparing the surface scans of the various media shows that the last sectors are always unreadable on each of the media.

A surface scan with different drives delivers exactly the same results. Even CDRs written in TAO mode show this failing. So, we changed the method of writing from TAO to DAO, and carried out all the measurements again.

Tested MediaCDRWSizeCertified SpeedWrite SpeedStrategyManufacturerGood SectorsWrite Time
Fuji650 MB10X12XPhase changeDisc ID not allowed100,00%7:24
LiteOn650 MB12X12xPhase changeNAN-YA Plastics Corp.--
Yamaha650 MB24XPhase changeMitsubishi Chemicals Corp.100,00%4:46

This time, everything ran like clockwork.

  • I am glad i found this article/review. I have a crw-f1ux minus the needed software. While I am not so interested in discT@2, I would like to use Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording, to create audio cds. Do you know where one can get said software? Yamaha does not have it, nor does Nero answer their phones during stated business hours. I currently use Easy CD creator, but I suspect I need the FULL version of Nero that came with this 2002 unit. While I wait for Nero's reply, would you happen to know? Thank you in advance.