Twice The Power: SiS655 With Dual DDR333

Gigabyte SINXP-1394, Continued

An ideal solution: the connector block is color coded to make for easier identification of individual pins.

1 GB/s thanks to the Intel 82540EM chip.

The DualBIOS should be familiar enough by now. The second chip is there for backup in case the main one fails.

We have been aware of DPS (Dual Power System) since the 8INXP with Granite Bay chipset. There are theoretical benefits to be gained from the dual voltage converters.

Elegant: instead of a fiddly adapter cable, Gigabyte provides three FireWire ports on a riser card.

You still need some other adapters, however. One for the sound system's digital outputs, the other for four of the six USB 2.0 ports.

Serial ATA drives can be connected externally.

All present and correct: three 80-pin IDE cables, three Serial ATA cables and a Serial ATA power adapter.

Manual for the RAID controller, manual for Serial ATA, manual for the motherboard itself and a Quick Start Guide. Perfect.

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    I need to purchase a motherboard 655 max ms-6730.
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