Twice The Power: SiS655 With Dual DDR333

Asus P4SDX Deluxe

Board Revision: 1.02

BIOS Version: 1005 Beta 5 (2003)

Asus has no need to hide from its competitors. The P4SDX Deluxe features six PCI slots and AGP 8X, plus a few other useful items. The network controller is Gigabit Ethernet-capable. For improved connectivity, Asus has also fitted the Promise PDC20376 Serial ATA controller. Supplementing the two Serial ATA ports are two conventional Ultra ATA/133 connectors. In addition to six USB 2.0 ports, two FireWire connectors are provided for connecting external hard drives or digital video cameras.

For fans of digital video, Asus bundles the WinCinema software collection from InterVideo.

Unlike the other boards in this review, the P4SDX tore through the benchmarks and was able to outstrip both Granite Bay and the 850E in many areas. A check of the clock speed brought us back down to earth, however. Thanks to a 135.3 MHz FSB speed, the processor was actually running at 3112 MHz instead of the 3066 MHz specified. Despite the board's excellent stability and trouble-free operation, superior performance through chip tuning doesn't gain any brownie points from us.

Exemplary: all power connectors are grouped together at the top edge of the board. No cable spaghetti here.

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