Twice The Power: SiS655 With Dual DDR333

AOpen AX45-4D Max

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 1.02 (February 21, 2003)

The 4D Max does not come with as many features as its competition. Its network controller is not suitable for Gigabit Ethernet and you won't find a Serial ATA controller anywhere. Nonetheless, the manufacturer includes some useful features with all current boards.

EZRestore is a utility that is found in both in the BIOS and in the boot sector of the hard disk. It uses approximately 100 MB of hard disk space to create an image of the operating system, which allows any system state to be recreated when booting the machine. This is a useful option in the event of a virus infection or OS corruption following a hardware problem or software install.

SilentBIOS is a small utility that gives the user control of fan rotation speed directly in the BIOS. Settings are in %. Alternatively, you can set specific maximum temperature. AOpen also allows you to customize the BIOS screen (VividBIOS) - not particularly useful, but nice.

The cooler fitted to the Southbridge is superfluous. Even during extreme overclocking the system never becomes hot enough to justify its presence. Much more useful, on the other hand, is AOpen's Die Hard BIOS. This is similar to the facility on Gigabyte motherboards, where a second flash chip is available to come to the rescue should the primary BIOS chip fail.

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    I need to purchase a motherboard 655 max ms-6730.
    Please let me know if you have one 1-877-344-5662