Twice The Power: SiS655 With Dual DDR333

MSI 655 Max (MS-6730), Continued

MSI uses an unusual cooler on the Northbridge. It looks good, does the job, and tells the world that SiS also uses flip chip pin grid arrays.

The Gigabit Ethernet controller from Broadcom is a popular choice. MSI has started using it in a number of its models.

Comprehensive user manual, instructions for Serial ATA, and plenty of software - just the way we like it.

The upper adapter gives you another USB port and a Bluetooth port, while the adapter at the bottom provides outputs for digital audio and surround sound.

MSI supplies the standard cable package.

The controller on the 655 Max provides three FireWire ports.

  • eikona studios
    I need to purchase a motherboard 655 max ms-6730.
    Please let me know if you have one 1-877-344-5662