Seven 650i SLI Motherboards Compared

BIOS And Overclocking

BIOS frequency selections are far more realistic than those found in several competing products, but still go beyond component capabilities. CPU core voltage selection, for example, can push a 1.30V core to 1.6875V, but users who don't know their core voltage will need to recheck the results of any new settings they make. Northbridge voltage range is adequate but far from extreme, while a DRAM voltage limit of 2.800V is far more than what's required to overclock most modules to stability limits.

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BIOS Frequency and Voltage settings (for overclocking)
FSB Frequency100 - 625 MHz (1 MHz)
Clock Multiplier AdjustmentYes
DRAM Frequency400-1400 MHz Data Rate
PCIe Clock100-200 MHz (1 MHz)
CPU VcoreDefault - +0.3875 Volts (0.0125 Volts)
CPU FSB VoltageDefault, +2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 12%, 16%, 20%
Northbridge (SPP)1.20 - 1.35 - 1.50 Volts (0.025/0.05 Volts)
Southbridge (MCP)1.50 - 1.70 Volts (0.10 Volts)
DRAM Voltage1.800 - 2.800 Volts (0.05 Volts)
CAS Latency Range
tCAS: 1-6; tRCD: 1-7; tRP: 1-7; tRAS: 1-31; Command Rate: 1T/2T

The P6N SLI Platinum pushed an E6700 previously know for its 3460 MHz stability limit at 1.50V to that same limit, and dropping the multiplier to 6x allowed the bus speed to be pushed way up to 448 MHz.


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Documentation & SoftwareQuick Installation GuideMotherboard ManualMotherboard Driver CD
Hardware1x 80-conductor Ultra ATA cable, Round1x Floppy Drive Cable, Round4x SATA Data Cable1x 4-Pin to SATA power adapter cable1x eSATA to SATA date cable1x Northbridge Fan Kit1x IEEE-1394 FireWire breakout plate1x 2-port USB 2.0 Breakout Plate1x I/O Panel Shield1x SLI Bridge1x SLI Bridge Clamp

MSI throws in every potentially needed internal cable except for a second Ultra ATA, and adds an eSATA-to-SATA data cable for external use of internal drives. Round ATA and floppy cables appear impressive at a glance, but are of the low-cost folded variety.

Unique to the P6N SLI Platinum are a USB 2.0 breakout cable features four diagnostic LEDs and a fan kit for the passive Northbridge cooler.

The P6N SLI Platinum can be found for around $150 at various online retailers.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.