Your Own Server Part 2: Windows Server 2003 Installation

Windows Basic Settings, Continued

The delayed opening of a submenu in the start menu can also get on your nerves. To eliminate this, we need the help of the registry editor. The editor is started by running regedit.exe. The best thing to do is to take the correct path and value from the screen shot (see above).

In server systems, we should maintain control at all times over what is done, when it is done and why it is done. The automatic Windows Update function runs counter to this philosophy since Microsoft patches can occasionally have detrimental effects. Ergo: make yourself the administrator.

Gimmicks of any kind are unnecessary for server systems, which is why we first deactivate the desktop effects. Right-click the desktop and then select [Properties], [Appearance] and [Effects]. Deactivate everything that you can spontaneously do without.

Under [Settings] and [Advanced] of the same window, the resolution as well as the refresh rate can be changed. We should do this, but also take into consideration the monitor that is to be used later. Old boob tubes usually cannot handle resolutions of 60 Hz or higher.

  • I need to how to install SCCM ( System Center Configuration Manager) basic installation step by step guide with images or screenshots. This is help full to all IT staffes