Your Own Server Part 2: Windows Server 2003 Installation

DNS Server Installation, Continued

For our purposes, we need a primary zone, because we want to serve our complete local network with the DNS server. Selecting the option for Active Directory integration at the bottom of the dialog box is important.

Of course, we enter the address space of our local network as a network ID. In this case it is 192.168.1.x. We left the subnet mask at, as it was before in the properties of the network connection so that we can include 254 computers in the network. This is enough for small and medium-sized companies. Changing it to would expand the segment to 64,516 possible computers, or more specifically, 64,516 IP addresses (254 times 254).

We only want safe dynamic updates. Manual updates take a lot of effort and therefore this option is skipped for most applications.

After confirmation, the Reverse Lookup Zone is installed.

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