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Stress Test: Power Supplies Under Full Load

Aopen Prima Power 700: Super Results - No SLI

THG engineers liked it: at first glance the 700 watt Aopen Prima Power looks like a blender. The results were by no means shoddy.

The graphic above shows the power supply connections and their length in centimeters. Corners were cut big time with the connections: no SLI operation possible and only one floppy connection.


Considering just the specs, the Aopen Prima Power is the second strongest contender in our field. We are talking about 700 watts of consistent power promised by the manufacturer. Already now we are very interested in the final results.

Promises lots of power: The Aopen Prima Power with 700 watts

Spec sign of the Aopen Prima Power - a consistent load of 700 watts. Positive: The separation into for 12-volt tracks with respective voltage load, description and color coding.

No switch needed: Compatible for the complete range between 110 volts to 230 volts.

Test Results

Despite the editor's skepticism over the lean dimensions of the cooling unit, the Aopen Prima Power 700W passes the test without any symptoms of stress.

AOpen Prima Power 700W
Test Phase 1
Test DescriptionLower LimitUpper LimitResult
Increase load from 20% to 100% of nominal load limit140 watts700 wattsPassed
Test Phase 2
Test DescriptionLoadResult
Steady load at 100% nominal load700 wattsPassed
Test Phase 3
Voltage Stability
Power RailMeasurementMin/Max according to ATX Spec.Result
+ 3.3 V+ 3.16 V+/- 5% (+3.14 to +3.46 V)Passed
+ 5 V+ 4.80 V+/- 5% (+4.76 to +5.25 V)Passed
+ 12 V+ 12.15 V+/- 5% (+11.4 to +12.6 V)Passed
+ 12 V CPU+ 12.01 V+/- 5% (+11.4 to +12.6 V)Passed
+ 5 V Standby+ 4,98 V+/- 5% (+4.76 to +5.25 V)Passed
- 12 V- 12.76 V+/- 10% (-10.8 to -13.2 V)Passed
Power RailMeasurementMin/Max according to ATX Spec.Result
+3.3 V37 mV50 mV (Peak-Peak)Passed
+12 V CPU95 mV120 mV (Peak-Peak)Passed
Further Data
Noise Level (max.)62 dB(A)
Voltage212 V
Current4.04 A
Cos Phi (Phasenverschiebung)0.97