Stress Test: Power Supplies Under Full Load

HEC AcePower ACE580UB: Failure At High Load

Also failed the Stress Test: HEC AcePower ACE580UB with a promised 580 watts.

The graphic above shows the power supply connections and their length in centimeters. The tops: the HEC AcePower ACE580UB offers all the connections - enough even for computer buffs.


HEC's two 12-Volt rails caught our eyes as they are not usual for a PSU of this class. An internal voltage regulator supports NVIDIA's SLI mode for their graphics cards. All necessary connectors for this operating mode are therefore available. Interesting for modders are probably the two 80-millimeter fans, which are illuminated blue. HEC promises a quiet operation of their PSU.

HEC's Ace Power offers a maximum of 580 watts.

Not quite up-to-date - a switch for 115V (Northern America) and 230 V (Europe)

The rating plate warns: Select the right voltage manually

Great look - the air grill of HEC's AcePower

Test Results

The day the HEC power supply threw in the towel at 580 watts was a rough one for the entire THG crew. It happened at full load (100 percent) - suggesting that the thermosensor gave the signal to shut off. No reason to panic: After a long wait, the device could be operated again. The manufacturer was immediately informed of all results.

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HEC AcePower ACE580UB (580 watts)
Test Phase 1
Test DescriptionLower LimitUpper LimitResult
Increase load from 20% to 100% of nominal load limit116 watts580 wattsPassed
Test Phase 2
Test DescriptionRow 4 - Cell 1 LoadResult
Steady load at 100% nominal loadRow 5 - Cell 1 580 wattsDurchgefallen