Stress Test: Power Supplies Under Full Load

Noise Level And Measurement Of Temperatures

Noise measurement at the air entrance of the power supply unit.

Our data is derived from six highly sensitive temperature sensors, five cameras, output meters of up to 4000 watts, a sound level measuring device with spectrum analysis of the audio bandwidth and six calibrated voltmeters as well as five ammeters.

The following pictures show where we placed the temperature sensors. Particularly critical increases in the temperatures of the 3.3 volt and 5 volt cables can easily result in a burnt finger. Still, the 3.3 volt cable is carrying electricity up to 26 amperes, heating the cable up to a maximum 66°C / 151°F.

The temperature at the ATX plug is being precisely calculated here.

Exact measurement of the temperatures at the air entrance and exit points of a power supply unit.

Determination of the temperature on an electronic load.

Sensor for the room temperature.