Stress Test: Power Supplies Under Full Load

Stressing With Highly Accurate Electronic Loads

In this test, more than 1000 watts will be drawn from the power grid for the biggest units. As a result, the power lines heat up a great deal, fans running at full speed produce deafening noise, and the smell of over-heated plastic and paint fills the air.

The voltage must remain within specifications during the test. There should be no failures in the components, obviously, and in the extreme case of failure, no fire should break out. Finally, a robust power supply should be able to stand up under peak current of 100 amperes.

The power supplies will use electronic loads, automatically controlled by computers. In all, four loads will be used, which can be easily converted into up to 4000 watts.

Two high-power computers control the electronic loads, the live cameras and audio recording. All data for each power supply unit is recorded for later analysis and critiques by the THG engineers.