Stress Test: Power Supplies Under Full Load

Cooler Master Real Power RS-550-ACLY: Shutdown At Full Load

Didn't make it through the Stress Test: the Cooler Master Real Power with 550 watts - a purely theoretical number. In practice it shuts down.

The graphic above shows the power supply connections and their length in centimeters. Slim pickins: only two SATA and one floppy connector are definitely not enough.


Lit up: The Cooler Master RS-550-ACLY with 550 watts in operation.

The power supply unit is processed relatively well. There aren't any pluggable cables.

Identification plate of the Cooler Master: The unit is supposed to rack up 550 watts of continuous output.

Packaging of the Cooler Master: The layout is upside down!

Test Results

The well-known manufacturer Cooler Master recently started offering PSUs. The fact that these products are not yet fully developed was evidenced by our test under full load: The device switched off after a few hours in operation, delivering a repeat performance even after we restarted it. We could not locate any defects on the power supply unit. Due to the abbreviated operating time, we were unable to provide any measurement data. Cooler Master should size the unit better so that it will shut off later in event of an overload.

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Cooler Master Real Power RS-550-ACLY
Test Phase 1
Test DescriptionLower LimitUpper LimitResult
Increase load from 20% to 100% of nominal load limit110 watts550 wattsPassed
Test Phase 2
Test DescriptionRow 4 - Cell 1 LoadResult
Steady load at 100% nominal loadRow 5 - Cell 1 550 wattsDurchgefallen