Strike Force: The new ATI Radeon 9800, 9600 and 9200 Series

3DMark 2001 Detail Tests

Game 4 - Nature

Game 4 was the first to introduce extensive pixel shader effects of the DirectX 8 specification. The Radeon 9800 PRO beats the FX 5800 Ultra, despite the clock speed difference. The performance gain over the Radeon 9700 PRO is quite large.

Fillrate Single Texturing

In this test, the Radeon 9800 PRO just about eats the FX 5800 for lunch. The reason is easily found in the design of GeForceFX's pixel pipelines. Contrary to what the official technical specs say, the FX is really more of a 4x2 design and not an 8x1, like the Radeon 9500PRO/9700/9800 family. As a result, the FX can only render four single textured pixels per clock cycle, while the ATi cards can draw eight.