Strike Force: The new ATI Radeon 9800, 9600 and 9200 Series

3DMark 2001 Detail Tests, Continued

Vertex Shader Speed

And suddenly we're back to the Radeon 9800 completely dominating the FX 5800 Ultra.

Pixel Shader Speed

The performance increase of the Radeon 9800 PRO from the 9700 PRO is impressive, enabling it to clearly beat the FX 5800 Ultra.

Advanced Pixel Shader Speed

Since each DirectX version is a superset of its predecessor, DirectX 9 cards support Pixel Shader 1.4 as well as 2.0. If a card does not support PS1.4, the test reverts to PS1.1, which requires more passes per shader. For some reason, the FX doesn't seem to be using its PS1.4 capabilities. It's unclear whether the cause is to be found in the driver or in 3DMark itself.