System Builder Marathon: The $4,500 Super PC

Benchmark Results: Encoding and other Applications

Four of our five selected application benchmarks were written only for 32-bit operating systems, and our use of 8 GB RAM forced us to instead use 64-bit Windows Vista. Even though all our applications would run in 32-bit mode under the 64-bit OS, our custom-written benchmarking tools wouldn’t cooperate with a few tests, resulting in a shorter suite.

Apple’s iTunes can encode an entire move soundtrack in about one minute, which shows the benefits of overclocking.

Encoding the same sound track to MP3 took almost two minutes under Lame, until we sped up the process through overclocking.

TMPGEnc shows big gains from overclocking using DivX and XviD codecs.

Mainconcept also proves the value of our overclock.

3D Studio Max takes a little while to render one frame of an HD animated movie, but still shows a big performance boost from overclocking. Anyone who dares to compare this configuration with a pre-built overclocked system can find a model with the same processor and motherboard in our High-End System Comparison.