The Third THG Video: Silent and Ice Cold

Components For Water Cooling

For our PC system, we've used the most effective water cooling that's currently available on the market, which has mostly been developed by Innovatek. Essentially, a simple cooling system consists of a water pump with a cooling tank attached, a cooling element for the processor and a radiator with fans.

A more progressive solution involves an additional cooling element for the graphics card and chipset, as well as the hard disk. All components are connected with plastic tubing so that no leakage occurs.

Pump From Eheim: Quiet And Reliable

Based on our experience, the pumps from a company called Eheim are the most appropriate. These pumps are frequently used for the aquarium, where reliable (secure from breakdowns) and maintenance-free operation is important.

The model that we used in our test, Eheim 1046, is available in 110 Volt (USA) as well as 230 Volt (Europe). The manufacturer also provides a 2-year guarantee for this product. A note from the THG lab: because the pump runs in a closed water circuit, the pressure head has no influence. In any case, it's sufficient for normal PC cases.

Water pump from Eheim, which is the most appropriate for building performance water cooling.