The Third THG Video: Silent and Ice Cold

Silently Fighting Thermal Death: A PC With Water Cooling

The fact itself is frightening enough, and yet it's indicative of the entire PC industry: the average PC system, such as those found from many discount retailers, is fraught with poor ergonomics. Additionally, the hardware features are nothing if not compromised, and this can only be recognized at first glance by the experienced user. There's no sign of efficiency or technical refinement - instead, the basic premise of the PC seems to be that there's nothing so cheap that it can't be replaced with something cheaper.

The increased burden of costs and those magical price points are the decisive factors when it comes to selling a large number of units of no-name bargain-priced PCs. In any case, this has been the situation in the past. Now that the market is nearly saturated, manufacturers should take a different path and bid adieu to the game of Gigahertz and MegaByte numbers.

Nevertheless, the performance platitudes from the so-called "marketing experts" seem to hold more weight than all other new concepts. After all, none of the competitors have any new ideas either. Too bad, because a new trend would be the thing to boost a weakening market for PC systems and, above all, heighten the awareness of consumers.

The components for water cooling in a PC system.