The Third THG Video: Silent and Ice Cold

THG Presents The Video In Three Languages

While the first THG video created waves of controversy in the industry by showing the overheating problem of the AMD Athlon XP/MP, the second THG video presented a short demonstration of how to unlock any Athlon XP/MP for overclocking.

The third video shows how to install effective water cooling in a PC case, using only high-quality components that are worth the investment in the long run.

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THG Video 3: Technical Data
Resolution360 x 288 @ 25 fps (PAL/2)
Color Depth16 Bit
Audio SignalStereo, 16 Bit, 44 KHz
Audio Data Rate96 kBit/s (12 kByte/s)
Video Data Rate350 kBit/s (43 kByte/s)
Total Data Rate446 kBit/s (55 kByte/s)
Video CompressionMPEG-4 DivX, 5.02 Pro Codec, 2 Pass
Audio CompressionMPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3), Fraunhofer
Color SpaceYUV
Length5:31 Minuten
File Size17,9 MB

We go all out: the video is 5.5 minutes long, with a format of 360 x 288 pixels and stereo sound, and is only 17.9 MB large. In addition, the video is available in English, French and German.