The Third THG Video: Silent and Ice Cold

Cooling Elements For CPU, Graphics Chip And Chipset

A high-performance cooling element for AMD Athlon XP/MP, with a high-precision bracket.

A "small" cooling element for AMD Athlon XP/MP with a special bracket.

The corresponding elements do the actual cooling in the water cooling system. The most important component is the CPU cooler, which is available in versions for Intel and AMD processors. The somewhat smaller models are more appropriate for ergonomic PCs, where silent operation is important. We use the most efficient cooling element for AMD processors in our PC system.

A key point here is that the massive element comes with precisely fitting brackets, which sit snugly due to the knurled screw. The brackets are constructed so that the CPU die cannot be damaged, even if you cinch the heck out of the screw. All CPU coolers have a copper contact surface. It's important to avoid electrochemical voltage build-up, so make sure that the materials are not arranged in opposing rows. Cooling elements for chipsets and graphics cards are similarly built. The only difference is in the size, since there's much less thermal loss with these components.

Cooling elements for all graphics cards in a water cooling system.