The Third THG Video: Silent and Ice Cold

Flow Meter: Circulation Control

With the help of a flow meter, the circulation of water can be monitored. This component simulates a fan/speedometer signal, which can be attached to all motherboards. Here, pump failure is detected when water circulation comes to a stop, and the motherboard monitor (or BIOS) notifies the user of the error.

Header Tank: Airtight Filling

The header tank prevents excess air from entering the water cooling system.

The header tank provides a professional solution to filling and draining the cooling water. It's not totally necessary, but it always makes the job easier. When the cooling system is filled during operation, the circulation can be interrupted. The excess air is automatically collected in the tank.

Tubing: Flexible And Transparent

Flexible tubing connects all components.

The tubes connecting the individual components ensure circulation of the water. There are special elbow components to ensure that there's no loss of pressure to the system due to clamping or kinking.

Elbows protect the system from squeezing.