The Third THG Video: Silent and Ice Cold

Cooling Liquid: Distilled Water Is Ideal

Three different cooling liquids in various colors.

Distilled water is used as the cooling liquid so that, in the event of leakage, a short circuit doesn't occur in the PC case. Some users prefer to use cooling fluid in different colors, but the specific heat conduction of these liquids isn't as good. This small difference is exactly the factor that can determine your success or failure when overclocking.

Preparing The Installation

In preparation for installing the components, you need to drill holes to attach the radiator.

If you've got a complete PC system already, you have to take it apart before installing a water cooling system. Components such as the graphics card, hard disk and motherboard need to be removed from the case. Then, holes need to be drilled for the radiator as well as for the pump cable, as required. It's important that the radiator be installed in the upper part of the case, since heat rises. Be careful: the metal shavings must be removed from the tower in order to avoid shorting the motherboard.

A view of our PC system with components.