The Third THG Video: Silent and Ice Cold

Processor: Installing The Cooling Element

Installing the water cooling element for the processors is much easier: the cooler is placed in an upright position, and the knurled screws are then tightened. Before this step, though, some thermal paste should be spread on the CPU die. You should not use silver paste because the copper contact plate is very flat. It is important that the CPU holder is positioned before the tubing is attached, so that the water circuit runs through the holder.

Radiator: Installing In The PC Case

The radiator can be placed inside or outside the PC case. Of course, it looks better if you place it inside the PC case, in the chassis. Here, you need a rather powerful drill to do the job. If you opt for an external placement of the radiator, then the length of the tubing can be long enough so that the radiator sits freely on a window sill or in a refrigerator, or even in a freezer compartment. Here, it's important to note that with low external temperatures, condensation can quickly build up and eventually ruin the hardware. For example, in our tests with the Intel Pentium 4, overclocked above the 3100 MHz limit, we experienced problems with condensation.

Cooling System: Connecting The Tubes

Connecting the tubes is quick and uncomplicated. Using scissors, cut the tubes to a length that is optimal for the tower. They should not cause a tangle of wires in the case when attached. To finish off, the cap nuts should be tightly fitted.

Cooling System: Filling With Cooling Liquid

After the tubing has been installed and the cooling circuit has been closed, turn the pump on, then pour the distilled water into the header tank until the entire system is filled with water. In order to break the surface tension of the water and prevent air bubbles from forming, add a drop of dishwashing liquid.

Currently, Innovatek offers two different kits. Set 1 consists of a "small" CPU element, a radiator, an Eheim pump, a header tank, tubing, thermal paste, four elbow pieces and a voltage adapter for the radiator fan. The entire set costs $199. The larger set 2 comes with the identical components, except with a higher-performance CPU element. The price for this set is $229. An optional hard disk cooler can be had for $45, a graphics chip cooler for $35, and a chipset cooler for $29. The flow meter costs $45.

In the USA, water cooling systems can be ordered through Sharka . Customers in Europe can order through . Further web sites and information can be found at Innovatek .