Wide Format LCD Monitors: Part 2

In Use

Once the monitor is adjusted, it's really good for photo work. Here again, the excessive brightness means it won't be suitable for professional use, but for amateur photography buffs it's acceptable. For office applications, you'll have to lower the brightness and settle for less contrast.

For gaming, unfortunately, this monitor is just not reactive enough. Its performance was what you'd expect from an older monitor - moving images lacked sharpness, and a lot of ghosting was visible behind moving white objects.

Video Games

Performance was poor with movies too. Video noise was too visible on color masses and on shadows. This becomes a problem with particularly dark films. That's too bad, since the colors themselves were handsome, with fairly natural flesh tones.


If you see the HP2105 with a $630 price tag, don't even bother to consider it. On the other hand if it is on sale, first ask what use you're going to put it to. This monitor is useable for amateur photo retouching and occasional office applications. But if you're into gaming and watching video, forget it.