Wide Format LCD Monitors: Part 2

Spatial Uniformity

The Sony SDM-P234 unequivocally had the best uniformity of all the monitors tested in this article. No halos of light were visible on our test model, and the upper/lower symmetry was remarkable.

Color Rendering

As you can see, this 23" wide monitor has exceptional static qualities. Of course, its contrast simply isn't up to the latest standards.

Finally A Fast Sony LCD!

It's about time! We'd almost stopped hoping for a Sony worthy of the name, but here it is! True, the SDM-P234 isn't that much better than the VP231WB, but it performed so much better than all the Sony monitors we've tested until now that you can understand our enthusiasm.

No more VA panels with 130-ms latency - The SDM-P234 logged an average latency of 18 ms, with a peak at 23 ms. It's the fastest Sony monitor we've ever tested. It's a pleasure to see that Sony can make a monitor like this if they put their minds to it. It's expensive, sure; but the technology for reaching this kind of performance does exist. Some competitors have even put it within reach of the average person. We're betting that Sony has finally decided to take the lead in this slightly less exclusive category of monitors. Here's hoping that one day Sony will market a 16:10 monitor that's both fast AND affordable!


Despite the panel's acceleration, Overdrive is first rate, and we detected very little overshoot - which is the ideal scenario.