Wide Format LCD Monitors: Part 2


Movie-format monitors are all the rage, while LCDs with diagonal measurements of 20" have become the de facto standard in retail channels. However, LCDs with diagonal measurements of 19", 21" and 23" at least deserve a second look. "" Wide-format 23" LCDs with resolutions of 1920x1200, for example, have traditionally been geared for professional applications. But while 23" LCDs with an acceptable level of defects are still an expensive proposition, their pricing is improving. Some 23" LCDs, for example, can be had for around $1000.

Asus PW191

We'd already tested the PW191, but we're offering it for your consideration again. The monitor holds its own thanks to its exceptional design and build quality. With its 19" diagonal, it's the smallest 16:10 monitor tested in this article. But as the saying goes, "Small is beautiful."

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Diagonal measurement19"
Native resolution1440 x 900
Contrast600: 1
Brightness330 Nits
Latency8 ms
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles130/150
Loudspeakers2x 2 W
ConnectivityVGA, DVI, audio in,
Average price$390

Design and Finish

I won't mince words: The PW191 is the handsomest monitor I've ever seen. It's true that people's tastes vary, but no one can deny that the Asus designers have talent. While a lot of their competitors are using a white Macintosh look for lack of better ideas, Asus is innovating, offering designs that are both personal and novel. And they've applied that know-how to good effect in designing the PW191. The monitor's lines are superb, and the choice of colors is elegant and restrained. As for the build quality, it's simply exceptional. The base is covered with machined aluminum. The finish reminds you of the kind of design used in the Hi-Fi world. The monitor's shell is glossy black plastic. It doesn't scratch easily, but it is susceptible to fingerprints that certain compulsive users will find annoying. But in general, Asus has once again raised the bar for style and design.

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