Wide Format LCD Monitors: Part 2

Spatial Uniformity

We measured the uniformity of the panel's lighting.

This is an excellent result. The panel was very uniform, with very little halo visible in the corners. Very good indeed. It's a shame that the optical filter spoils the final results.

Old-School Latency

We measured the panel's actual latency. 

Asus hasn't used the Overdrive technology on this panel. The result is that it's not really a contender where responsiveness is concerned. The latency reached 25 ms in the worst case. In the best case, the ISO latency claimed in the specs was attained, give or take about 1 ms. It's no catastrophe, but this kind of latency takes us back a year or so, to the days of the Hyundai L90D+. And unfortunately, as we'll see, not using Overdrive hasn't solved the problem of video noise.


Without Overdrive, there's no overshoot. Following our new test method, the PW191 rates an Overdrive classification of A - under 0.5 frames.