Wide Format LCD Monitors: Part 2

Spatial Uniformity

In absolute terms, the panel's uniformity was fairly good. The values were all between 100% and 80%. But the light distribution was somewhat bizarre, as the graph shows, which was visible. The lower right corner thus looked slightly brighter than the rest of the panel.

Despite its age, the F2105 confirmed its quality as a static monitor. The colors were rich and accurate and the contrast can match that of any recent model. Our only criticism is the excessive brightness, as with the Samsung monitor we discussed above.

Old-Fashioned Reactivity

But if there's an area where the F2105 showed its age: it's reactivity. The panel showed an average latency of 22.5 ms, with a peak of 26 ms, which is flaccid compared to recent models.


No Overdrive = no overshoot. That puts the HP2105 into the top category, A, in this area.