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Five Z87 Motherboards For Your Mini-ITX Build, Reviewed

Z87I Software

MSI’s Command Center software is now updated for better Z87 motherboard support, providing several overclocking, monitoring, and system function controls.

CPU multiplier and BCLK settings are adjustable within firmware limits, though our CPU kept our verification process constrained to a few steps over stock. Smart fan controls appear on the same page, letting you set a speed curve that best matches thermal needs to acoustic desires.

DRAM and GPU overclocking menus appear to have available adjustments, though the settings were locked in our specific configuration.

MSI now has its own complementary RAMDisk utility.

The company couldn't find the space to drop an OC Genie button on its Z87I, but the software application still works. It set our CPU to 4 GHz at 1.10 volts, and offers several pop-up menus for additional adjustments.

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The Motherboard icon opens a pop-up menu labeled Voltage that also has a ring ratio setting. MSI's CPU icon opens a redundant fan setting pop-up, and the Memory icon opens a DRAM Timings page. Voltages are software-adjustable within firmware limits, but changes to DRAM timings prompt a reboot or cause the software to crash.

MSI’s sensor recorder and status alerts are available from more pop-up menus.

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Four more menus are devoted to system information.