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Best Raspberry Pi Projects

Best Raspberry Pi Projects October

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

As fall comes into full swing, we'd like to take an opportunity to highlight some of the best Raspberry Pi projects we've had the honor of featuring this month.

Makers have been hard at work over the last few weeks, showing off some of the most impressive, magical creations we've seen so far. If you want to see what they've been up to, here are some projects we think deserve a little extra attention.

Raspberry Pi-Powered Matrix Cube CPU Monitor 

(Image credit: Sebastian Staacks)

This matrix cube project was created by a maker known as Sebastian Staacks. Using a Raspberry Pi, it constantly displays an animation that changes as his CPU temperature rises and performance increases. The shell was designed by Staacks and 3D printed.

Why we love it: This Raspberry Pi project is incredibly ambient while providing a really clever function. It looks fantastic, serves its purpose and shows off the artistic side of the maker community.

Raspberry Pi Satellite Tracking Globe

(Image credit: Matthew Walker)

Created by Matt Walker, this satellite tracking project relies on a Raspberry Pi Zero to show the real-time location of almost any satellite. The Pi controls a servo which directs a laser to the approximate satellite location.

Why we love it: The study of space is a fascinating endeavor. This Raspberry Pi project brings the excitement to your fingertips. It's wonderfully inventive and highlights the brilliant curiosity found in the Pi community.  

Polaroid Pi Camera

(Image credit: Sam Zeloof)

Tired of waiting on your photos to develop? Probably not, but you can forgo the printer in exchange for this clever Raspberry Pi polaroid camera. With the help of an Adafruit receipt printer and Raspberry Pi camera, it automatically prints photos for you as soon as they're taken.

Why we love it: This Raspberry Pi project is more than a blast from the past; it's an impressive creation with the right dose of nostalgia. This is a really fun use of the Adafruit thermal receipt printer. It's always interesting to see makers print more than just text. 

Tic-Tac-Toe Robot 

(Image credit: 3DprintedLife)

Need a friend? This little Raspberry Pi robot is designed to challenge any opponent to tic-tac-toe...and win every time. The housing is 3D printed and uses a few servos to maneuver as well as a camera for image recognition.

Why we love it: This Raspberry Pi project is a really fun use of image recognition. The arm works wonderfully at drawing the board and subsequent X's. And of course, who wouldn't appreciate a sassy little robot with attitude. 

Rubik's Cube Solver 

(Image credit: Couldnttellyamate)

Solve that old Rubik's cube sitting on your desk with this awesome Rubik's cube solving robot. Using stepper motors and a touchscreen UI, it can solve any Rubik's cube.

Why we love it: It's not cheating, it's hacking. Hacking takes skill and this Raspberry Pi project showcases a lot of hard work. The robot works great and the final design is minimal yet effective. 

Cat Scanning Prey Detection System

(Image credit: Eee_bume)

This Raspberry Pi cat scanner project uses a Raspberry Pi camera to record any approaching cats then uses image recognition to determine whether or not the cat has any caught prey in its mouth.

Why we love it: This is an interesting way to regulate your cats and ensure your home is free of any unwanted critters. Also, it's cats. How can we not feature cats? 

Raspberry Pi Lego Jukebox 

(Image credit: Dennis Mellican)

This Lego jukebox project uses the power of Legos to bring the power of music! By placing Lego Dimensions Minifigures on the scanner, a custom song will play, triggered by a Raspberry Pi.

Why we love it: If you have old Lego Minifigures lying around, this Raspberry Pi project is a fun way to put some life back into them and reuse the old hardware. It's also a really entertaining end product for kids!

Heartbeat Light Sync Project 

(Image credit: Powtothemoons)

Why listen to your heart when you could watch it instead? This heartbeat light project uses a heart rate monitor with a Raspberry Pi to synchronize Phillips Hue lights to the rhythm of your heartbeat in real-time.

Why we love it: This Raspberry Pi project demonstrates how technology can connect us to ourselves even more. It's a beautiful concept that just looks plain awesome in practice!

Interactive Storytelling Radio  

(Image credit: 8BitsAndAByte)

If you spent hours exploring potential paths in Choose Your Own Adventure Books, you're going to love this interactive Pi radio project. The whole project is voice-activated while housed inside a vintage radio.

Why we love it: This is such a fascinating Raspberry Pi project idea and the implementation shows the work put in was well worth it. It looks great and is an excellent way to both captivate and bring people together with the help of a Pi.

IR Self-Opening Chest With Magic Wand Controller

(Image credit: Coleminer31)

This IR wand controller chest project was designed by a maker for his sister who works as a teacher. By waving her wand, the chest will open so students can grab a prize. It uses a Raspberry Pi and IR receiver to operate.

Why we love it: This Raspberry Pi project is absolute magic. Knowing it was created as a prize chest for students just makes the work put in seem absolutely worth it. It's a super fun idea that works great in practice. 

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    Makers this summer are keeping their hands busy with plenty of cool Raspberry Pi projects. Here are some of the best ones we've encountered over the past month.

    Best Raspberry Pi Projects: August 2020 : Read more
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  • Endymio
    >> "This matrix cube project was created by a maker known as Sebastian Staacks. Using a Raspberry Pi, it constantly displays an animation that changes as his CPU temperature rises ..."
    A quad-core CPU and 20 million lines of Linux OS code-- all to implement a color-changing thermometer? And this is your number one project for the month? As much of a Raspberry Pi fan as I am, there is something indescribably banal in many of these projects.
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    Wow, judging by what I've seen on Reddit, I thought the only possible RPi projects were 'smart mirror' projects.
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