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AOC C4008VU8 UHD Monitor Review

Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response & Lag

Viewing Angles

AOC mentions wide viewing angles in its marketing for the C4008VU8, but as we’ve learned from experience, MVA is a little deficient in that area. While far better than any TN screen, IPS still offers the best off-axis quality with the AHVA variant at the top of the heap. Our sample shows a red shift to the sides along with an obvious haziness. It’s much the same from the top down. Of course, with a screen this large, it’ll be hard to sit 45° away from the center.

Screen Uniformity

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The C4008VU8 has a uniformity compensation mode, but it’s clearly unnecessary considering our test results. It has a minimal effect on black levels, showing a rise in the black field measurement. Most of the compensation happens in brighter areas of the screen where output is cut by almost 50%. Our only concern is for color uniformity which is a little below average. We could see a slight green tint in the upper-right zone which skewed our result to the negative.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

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Screen response and input lag are about average for the class. 60Hz monitors like this are just begging for FreeSync which has a greater impact at low framerates. Until more systems include DisplayPort 1.3, we won’t be seeing refresh rates above that at Ultra HD resolution. While we’re waiting, some sort of adaptive sync would be helpful. However, the C4008VU8 is a fine monitor for casual gaming. Its jumbo size and gentle curve enhance the feeling of immersion in pretty much any first-person title we can think of.

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