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Batman: Arkham Asylum: GPUs, CPUs, And PhysX Performance

Benchmark Results: High Detail

Let's have a look at the results of high-detail testing without AA or PhysX enabled:

All of the mid-range and high-end cards with a 256-bit memory interface have absolutely no problem producing smooth performance all the way up to the high 2560x1600 resolution, although the GeForce 9600 GT does struggle a bit with a minimum frame rate of 19 FPS (frames per second) at that setting.

Conversely, low-end cards with a 128-bit memory interface, such as the Radeon HD 4650 and GeForce GT 220, can only handle 1280x1024 with absolute ease. The GeForce GT 220 is able to kick it up a notch to 1680x1050 with a minimum frame rate that almost reaches an ideal 30 FPS, but the Radeon HD 4650 struggles.

Keep in mind that these lower-end cards can handle the game at higher resolutions if some detail settings are lowered.