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PSU Roundup: Performance, Price, Efficiency

Cooler Master Silent Pro 500 Watt (Continued)

The cable management connector sockets are labeled, and they’re shaped so they can’t be plugged in incorrectly. The five-pin sockets are designed so that you can attach modular 4-pin Molex and SATA cables as needed. The 6-pin sockets are for auxiliary PCI Express graphics cables.

The power supply is cooled by a 140 mm fan on the underside. The warm air is exhausted through a breadboard on the back. The fan is controlled automatically by the power supply according to operating temperature—no need for manual adjustment.

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The maximum power is, as advertised, 500 watts. The maximum combined load on the 5 V and 3.3 V rails is 145 watts.

This one seems to be more widely available in Europe—none of our favorite online vendors seem to be stocking it yet .