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Ubuntu 11.10 Review: Benchmarked Against Windows 7

Benchmark Results: Unigine, AMD And Nvidia

The Unigine benchmarks are run with full detail settings at a resolution of 1920x1080, with anti-aliasing and sound disabled. We added a comparable Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 to our regular AMD Radeon HD 4870 to reflect the relative state of both vendor-supplied Linux drivers. The Unigine benchmarks are run in Windows with both OpenGL and DirectX. The 64-bit version of Heaven is used. Ambient occlusion and tessellation are both disabled in Heaven. Two iterations of each Unigine benchmark are run.


Windows with DirectX tops the Sanctuary benchmarks, achieving 44 FPS, but the Windows OpenGL-based score is significantly lower at 35 FPS. Ubuntu lands right in the middle, hitting 40 FPS.

OpenGL for Windows and Ubuntu practically tie for first in Tropics at 42 FPS, while DirectX only achieves 33 FPS. Windows with OpenGL pulls ahead in Heaven with nearly 47 FPS. Ubuntu places second at 40 FPS, with Windows' DirectX score pulling in less than 37 FPS.


The FPS scores are all lower with the Nvidia card on both operating systems, though the placing order remains much more uniform. Windows with DirectX takes the lead by a few frames per second over OpenGL in each benchmark, followed by a few frames less in Ubuntu.

Windows 7 is the clear winner of the Unigine benchmarks, with DirectX winning it for Nvidia and OpenGL showing surprisingly well on the AMD solution.