BikeCharge Dynamo Charges Your Gadgets As You Ride

While bike dynamos have been powering bicycle lights since the 80s, most modern bike lighting solutions operate on battery or solar power. But thanks to modern technology, it looks like the dynamo may be making its comeback, this time to power your gadgets. Created by iBikeConsole, the BikeCharge Dynamo is a compact, lightweight device that helps keep your USB gadgets charged.   According to the company, the device is 20 percent lighter than traditional dynamo systems and can charge most smartphones in 2 to 3 hours. While most people won't be riding their bikes around for that long, the device is designed to add minimal drag while giving your connected device just enough juice to get by.

As an additional safety feature, the device also has front and rear LED lights that stay illuminated for up to two hours after riding thanks to a built in 700mAh Li-ion battery. Priced at $99, the BikeCharge Dynamo is a bit pricey for the casual biker, but for anyone who uses a bike as a primary mode of transportation, it may be a worthwhile investment.


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  • idroid
    I think this is the solution for fatness in America :lol:!!
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  • idroid
    I think this is the solution for fatness in America :lol:!!
  • outlw6669
    So, dangling USB cables and spinning spoked wheels; looks safe to me!

    Seriously though, I foresee no issues with USB cables getting pulled into the wheel causing the front tire to lock up and sending the rider flying face first into the ground.

  • The_Trutherizer
    99$ for a bike dyname.. fappery!