Galaxy Debuts its GeForce GTX 760 Mini

Just like Asus has done earlier, Galaxy is rolling out a GTX 760 Mini. The graphics card is based on the standard GTX 760, but it has a shorter design at just 19.3 cm in length.

The card is factory overclocked and features a standard clock speed of 1019 MHz, along with a GPU Boost frequency of 1084 MHz. Alongside this, the card features the standard 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, which runs over a 256-bit wide memory interface at the standard reference frequency of 6.0 GHz. The card is powered by two six-pin PCIe power connectors.

The cooler is fairly simple. It is an open-style, dual-fan cooler with three 8 mm thick heatpipes and a dense aluminum fin stack.

At the time of writing, there was no word yet on availability or pricing, though we should expect a small premium over reference GTX 760 cards.

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  • GoldenI
    Well this is much better than having a foot-long in my chassis.
  • Onus
    I'd much rather see some of these powerful cards made in low-profile versions.
    Looks good! But 2GB is too low, I mean the beta for BF4 is 3gb of VRAM!!!! I know it will be less the more it is optimized before release, but still..........