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Results: Far Cry 3

System Builder Marathon Q1 2014: System Value Compared

We're accustomed to Far Cry 3 leaning hard on graphics resources; the scaling of our chart suggests that overhead associated with SLI might be slowing my dual-GPU machine down, though. That ceiling disappears at 5760x1080, as GPU performance finally becomes the more prominent limiting factor.

Paul's $750 build also appears bottlenecked, and again that’s probably due to a CPU limitation. Armed with a weaker single GPU, its bottleneck disappears at 4800x900.

The Ultra preset puts even more stress on the GPUs, making the $2400 machine’s bottleneck less apparent at 1600x900. Paul's box achieves its 1920x1080 goal. In fact, Paul even says that a drop to 2x AA makes enough of a difference to play at 4800x900.

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