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Game Benchmarks: First-Person Shooters

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2009: $1,300 Enthusiast PC

At first glance, it looks like the two Radeon HD 5850s in the new system have a small lead over the quad-Radeon HD 4850s in the previous system. But look at 2560x1600 results. The four Radeon HD 4850s in the AMD system achieve a slim win. Surprising!

At very high settings, the results remain close. Once again, the quad-CrossFire Radeon HD 4850 cards take a small lead at 2560x1600. We thought the Radeon HD 4850s might have a surprise or two up their sleeves, and only more benchmarks will tell us if Crysis will be the exception or the rule.

From these numbers, we can see that Far Cry 2 is CPU-limited here and the game engine really likes the Core i5-750's architecture, especially when overclocked. However, the previous quad-CrossFire system manages to provide smooth frame rates at 2560x1600.

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