System Builder Marathon, Q1 2014: Our New Enthusiast PC

Results: Grid 2 And Far Cry 3

Grid 2

Like most of Codemasters' racing titles, Grid 2 is platform-limited at all but the highest resolutions and detail levels. In fact, it's so sensitive to memory bandwidth that the new build suffers a significant loss at default settings when the High-quality preset is used. Stepping up to the Ultra setting with 8x MSAA enabled transfers the limitation to the graphics subsystem, where two GeForce GTX 770s on last quarter's box serve up superior performance above 1920x1080.

Far Cry 3

More than any other game in our benchmark suite, Far Cry 3 leans heavily on graphics cards and is far less dependent on the host processor. Last quarter's dual-GPU configuration scores wins almost across the board against one GeForce GTX 780 Ti.