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Benchmark Results: Clear Sky And World In Conflict

Asus' G51J: Affordable Core i7 Mobile Gaming?

The G51J beats its older competitor at our lowest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky settings, but it isn’t as smooth as we’d like. Dropping to a ratio-appropriate 720p allowed the G51J to reach 42.6 FPS average, where it was smooth in all but the “Sun Shafts” test.

Anyone who really wants to play Clear Sky with AA enabled will probably want a desktop computer, along with the more powerful graphics solutions available in those larger form factors.

The expensive Eurocom system continues to dominate in World in Conflict, while its performance here makes the difference between relative smoothness and choppiness. Though the other systems were only tested at the settings shown in the charts, we again tried dropping the G51J to 720p and were rewarded this time with a smoother 40 FPS average.

Those who prefer to play real-time strategy games in real time will be disappointed even by the performance-leading D900F.

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