OpenGL Workstation Power - Graphics Cards for the Professional User

Supported Applications

Manufacturer Title 3Dlabs Wildcat II 5110 ATI Fire GL4 Elsa Gloria III
Alias/Wavefront Maya 3.0 yes yes yes
Alias/Wavefront Studio 9.5 no no yes
Autodesk AutoCAD 2000 yes yes yes
Avid/Softimage Softimage 3.9, XSI yes yes yes
Bentley MicroStation J yes yes yes
Co-Create SolidDesigner 7.5 yes yes yes
Computer Associates Unicenter TNG no yes yes
Dassault Catia 5 yes no yes
Discreet 3D Studio Max 3.1 & 4.x yes yes yes
ERDAS Imagine & VirtualGIS yes no yes
ESRI ArcView 3.x, 3D Analyst yes no yes
ICEM Technology ICEM Surf, ICEM Surf 2000i no yes no
Matra Datavision Euclid3 no yes no
MSC Patran no no yes
Nemetschek AG Allplan FT, Allplot FT, PlanDesign no yes no
Newtek Lightwave 6.0, Toaster yes yes yes
Nichimen Graphics Marai yes yes no
PTC CDRS yes yes yes
PTC 3DPaint yes yes yes
PTC (system level) Pro/E 2000i yes yes yes
SDRC Master Series 8 yes yes yes
Side Effects Houdini 4.0 yes yes yes
Solidworks SolidWorks 2000 yes yes yes
Unigraphics UG 16, SolidEdge yes yes yes
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