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ATI Fire GL4 - The Details

This OpenGL card comes generously equipped. A year ago, most PC buyers were still dreaming of 128 MB RAM. The Fire GL4 has this much memory - on a graphics board! The memory type on the board is DDR SGRAM.

As you can see in the picture above, ATI chose to install DVI-I ports only, which allow you to choose between hooking up analog monitors or digital output devices. Unlike the Elsa Gloria III, a DVI-I-to-VGA adapter comes with the board. The design takes using digital flat panels into account as well. Thanks to the two PanelLink chips, you can also connect two digital TFTs - a feature not provided by the Gloria III.

3D goggles from Stereographics can also be connected to the board as an additional device, provided that the applications running support this feature. Since space was at a premium, the three-pronged 3D port has been placed on an expanded slot. Thanks to the expanded slot and the height of the cooler, the board takes up two slots in a PC system.

Uwe Scheffel