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3Dlabs Wildcat II 5110 - Heavy-Duty Performer For High-End Apps

3Dlabs sent our test lab the Wildcat II 5110. This board isn't just the most expensive board of the three in this roundup, but is also the largest. Originally, Wildcat products were built by Intense 3D . In July of last year, 3Dlabs acquired Intense 3D from its parent, Integraph.

The board occupies the entire length of the ATX form factor, making the installation of stabilizers in the workstation case necessary. The Wildcat's ability to gobble up power is also impressive. 3Dlabs specifies 50 watts. The power supply and the motherboard have to be able to endure this kind of stress. So it's no surprise that 3Dlabs doesn't want to deal with "tinkerers" in the retail market, but instead only sells this card through OEMs.

Uwe Scheffel