OpenGL Workstation Power - Graphics Cards for the Professional User

Features Table

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ProductFire GL2Fire GL3Fire GL4Gloria IIIWildcat II 5110
Price$1200$1800$2000$1000$2200 - $2500
VideoMemory64 MB128 MB128 MB64 MB128 MB
MemoryBus Width256bit256bit256bit128bit128bit
AGP InterfaceAGP 4XAGP 4X (Pro 50)AGP 4X (Pro 50)AGP 4XAGP 4X (Pro 50)
Monitor OutputsSingleDualDual2x SingleDual
1st Display OutVGA D-Sub (analog)DVI-I (analog & digital)DVI-I (analog & digital)VGA D-Sub (analog)VGA D-Sub (analog)
2nd Display OutDVI-D (digital)DVI-I (analog & digital)DVI-I (analog & digital)DVI-I (analog & digital)DVI-I (analog & digital)
3D Stereographics Out (3 Pins)yesyesyesnoyes
Ramdac Bandwidth300 MHz300 MHz300 MHz350 MHz300 MHz
Ramdac Palette per Color (R, G, B)10bit10bit10bit8bit10bit
Geometry ChipIBM GT1000 @ 190 MHzIBM GT1000 @ 190 MHzIBM GT1000 @ 205 MHzQuadro2 Pro T&L @ 250 MHzWildcat II 5110 Chipset
RasterizerIBM RC1000 @ 120 MHzIBM RC1000 @ 120 MHzIBM RC1000 @ 150 MHzQuadro2 Pro 3D @ 250 MHzWildcat II 5110 chipset
active cooling with fannonoyesyesno
Memory Clock120 MHz DDR120 MHz DDR150 MHz DDR200 MHz DDRn/a
Pixel Fillrate410MPix/s410MPix/s512MPix/s1000 MPix/sn/a
Texture Fillrate (trilinear filtered)200Mtexels/s200Mtexels/s250Mtexels/s2000Mtexels/s332 MTex/s
Polygon Rate27MPoly/s27MPoly/s29MPoly/s31MPoly/s15MPoly/s
Number of hw accelerated light sources161616824
Windows 2000yesyesyesyesyes
Windows NT 4.0yesyesyesyesyes
Windows 98nononoyesno
Pentium III SSEyesyesyesyesyes
Pentium 4 SSE2yesyesyesyesyes
Athlon 3DNow!yesyesyesyesyes
Uwe Scheffel